Monday, August 17, 2009

Isle of Capri

Date Night found Bryan and me at the Oceanfront once again. It must be the season … I hear the ocean actually calling to me. Anyway, our destination was a place called EAT on Atlantic Avenue. We heard the food was amazing but after driving around for more than twenty minutes trying to find parking we gave up. That’s how we ended up at Isle of Capri on the sixth floor of the Holiday Inn at 39th and Atlantic.

Isle of Capri was established in the early 1950s in Virginia Beach and it is my understanding that it was initially a night club and then eventually changed locations and themes and is now one of the many fine Italian dining establishments at the Oceanfront. One of the best qualities of Isle of Capri is the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Our view was slightly obstructed by the table of people in front of us, but no doubt their view was spectacular.

The menu had all the items that I come to expect from an Italian restaurant. The typical veal, chicken, seafood dishes with pasta. No real surprises. A Caesar salad prepared tableside is offered for $9 a person which I thought was a nice offering but a little expensive for a salad.

We started our meal with an appetizer of Mediterranean shrimp

I really enjoyed the combination of warm shrimp ad cool veggies. And because I forgot to charge my camera battery this is the only dish that I was able to shoot.

Bryan chose to have the she-crab soup which I tasted and I thought it was pretty good. It was very rich and delicious.

The entrees included an order of lobster ravioli with a tomato cream sauce ($19) which I ordered and there were no surprises. It was okay but a little bland for my tastes. Bryan ordered the Chicken Toscana ($19). This chicken dish was simmered in a brandy cream sauce with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms. This dish was fantastic. I loved the brandy sauce and I had to stop myself from finishing his meal.

For dessert we shared a delicious flourless chocolate torte.

Isle of Capri was a nice place. It didn’t blow me away but it was nice and the setting was intimate and romantic. The prices were reasonable and they provided valet parking. Which is a lot more than I can say for EAT. Hopefully, we’ll get to that place one day.

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