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Freelance Writer.

·    The Journal of Intergroup Relations, (Winter 2001/2002) Holding Onto My Dreams in the Midst of a Nightmare (contributor)
·    How We Got Over…Testimonies of Faith, Hope and Courage, (Reyomi Publishing, June 2003) Love Never Fails (contributor)
·    Raymond’s Daughters, a novel ISBN 1-4134-5180-2, August 2004 (author)
·    My Soul to His Spirit, (Soul Dictates Publishing), May 2005 I Never Knew Lawrence (contributor)
·    Confessions of a Beautiful Woman (author) February 2006

Restaurant Reviews since 2009 (http://michelematthews.blogspot.com)
Blogging Since 2005 (http://fortyfourmiracles.blogspot.com)

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