Monday, February 13, 2012

Woody McGees Barstro

Woody McGees Barstro is located in the Holland Plaza Shopping Center on Holland Road in Virginia Beach. I discovered it on Urbanspoon when I was looking for a place to have brunch on the weekend. I read the reviews and every single one of them was positive. So I had to check it out.

Woody McGees is open seven days a week and serves breakfast/brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. We arrived at 10:30 but when we got there the sign on the door said “Open Daily 11:00 am - 2:00 am”. While waiting in the parking lot I saw a few people coming and going and then the “Open” light came on. So I was a little confused as to when the store actually opened and I couldn’t find anything on the website. Nonetheless, we went in and were seated immediately. The restaurant appears to be separated into two sections, smoking and non-smoking and can be accessed by two different entrances. The bar and televisions are located on the smoking side. We were seated in the non-smoking section.

I had previewed the menu beforehand so I knew exactly what I was going to order. The brunch menu features benedicts, omelets and classic favorites like breakfast burritos and Woody’s French toast. The French toast caught my eye immediately.

The three slices of Texas toast are topped with vanilla bean butter and are served with two scrambled eggs and maple smoked bacon. It was a lot of food but I felt the portion size was perfect. Probably because I had run five miles that morning and was starving. The meal was delicious.

We also ordered a classic ham and cheese omelet which was served with a large bowl of grits.

Also very filling and very tasty.

The atmosphere in Woody McGees was comfortable and the server was attentive. There weren’t many patrons in the restaurant that morning but for me, that was a plus. I enjoy eating a good meal in a peaceful environment where I don’t have to fight to have a conversation and I don’t have to wait for a table.

Overall, I felt the experience was a good one. Woody’s is easy to find on Holland Road, good parking, reasonable prices for brunch, great food and good service.

I would like to go back for dinner because the menu is so varied with sandwiches, burgers, steaks and seafood and an extensive wine list. But for now, I think I found the place where I’ll go for my Mother’s Day brunch.

Check out the website for their complete menu.

4356 Holland Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(757) 222-6775

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