Monday, January 4, 2010

Whitner's Barbecue

Okay. I’ll be the first to admit that Virginia Beach is not necessarily the Mecca for good barbecue. Too many chains and I am not exactly a fan of the chain. So when I walked into Whitner’s Barbecue on Lynnhaven Parkway for lunch, my expectations were not that high.

I was intrigued when I walked through the front door. It looks like a little country barbecue joint. The menu and specials are scrawled across a chalk board and the tables and chairs look like they came from an old elementary school. None of this is indicative of the taste of that barbecue though. Seriously.

Once you enter the front door there is a man waiting to take your order. You can pick up your utensils and drinks on your way to the table and in just a few minutes the food was ready.

Whitner’s menu has everything: pulled pork or chicken, burnt ends, sliced brisket and smoked sausage; bulk ribs (wet or dry), a variety of sandwiches and several sides to choose from.

I started with the gumbo which included shrimp, pork and chicken and is served with a big piece of cornbread

The gumbo is spicy and delicious. I actually shared Bryan’s and I wish I would have ordered my own. There’s always next time.

I also ordered the pulled chicken tray

It was served with two sides and I chose macaroni and cheese and collard greens. As you can see the portion size is more than enough. You also have the choice of having the chicken on a sandwich for a few cents more or adding cornbread. The chicken was so tender and the sauce was just wonderful. I was hungry when I walked in and completely satisfied when I left.

Whitner’s also provides catering services and I would definitely recommend them for any event. The menu is huge but I wouldn’t worry about what to order … just work your way through it with each visit.

869 Lynnhaven Pky ste 106
Virginia Beach, VA 23452


Jack said...

Damn, now I am hungry. That looks good.

Anonymous said...
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Laine and Alex said...

How were they greens? They look pretty good! Sometimes the sides kill the meal, but these look like good complements.

Michele said...

@Laine: The greens were fantastic. Not better than mine ... but very good. :)

SkippyMom said...

I wanted to know the same thing about the me some greens :)

The gumbo looks a little thin - but it sounds delicious.

How is the cornbread? We will be stopping here on our way through because good bbq is impossible to find in our little corner of Northern VA.

Michele said...

@SkippyMom: There was a mouthful of stuff in every spoonful of the gumbo. I really enjoyed it. The cornbread was okay ... I'm not a big bread person.

JoanieV said...

Hmm, I need to visit my mom more often & that looks like the perfect place to take her. She doesn't like anything too fancy.